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Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery is a Side Mission in Mass Effect 3. Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery is about the dissappeareance of a group of Asari Commandos while answering a distress call from a monastery.. Side Mission are secondary quests in Mass Effect 3, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


How to unlock Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery

  • You have to complete Priority: The Citadel II first.

  • You will be approached by Liara T'Soni after the debrief with Anderson and Admiral Hackett. She tells you that Asari High Command was insistent on passing along a distress signal. Several Asari Commando squads have dissappeared while investigating said signal. 

  • The Mission initial name is Mesana: Distress Signal.


Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery Walkthrough

Head to the Messana System, and descend on the planet Lesuss. Once you approach the planet, Liara will reveal that the distress signal comes from an Ardat-Yakshi monastery, which is probably the reason the Asari government was hesistant to give them any details at first.  You can ask a few questions abouth the Ardat-Yakshi.

Once you land, you will find a vehicle that can be inspected directly to your right. It will only be present if Samara survived Mass Effect 2. There's an Assault Rifle Stability Damper to the left of the door, now you can proceed.

There's no elevator, so you'll have to jump across the gap and then slide down into the elevator shaft using the ladder on the rigt side of the platform. One of you Companions will comment on the noises you can hear as you reach the end of this platform and leap across the gap into a room.

Inside this room you will find an upgrade for the Intel Terminal and a Pistol Melee Strunner, on the far left. There's also a console with an advisory notice from Matriarch Gallae, a PDA on a table, a wall safe containing 7500 Credits, and a Sniper Rifle Thermal Clip right to the entrance. You can find an Asari corpse that upon examination will trigger a cutscene, in which you will learn that there is a bomb in the Great Hall of the monastery. 

Head through the door, and you will find nothing of interest here, so bypass the door and go on to the next room. If Samara survived Mass Effect 2, you will find her here. Once you regain control, turn right to find a PDA beside another corpse, if you pick it up it will net you 20 Experience Points and the Mission Citadel: Asari Widow.

Head out through the door to the left, where a Companion will comments on the low chances of this being a Reaper target. Again, nothing of interest, so head down the stairs to find yourself in the courtyard. There you will find a Banshee. Its head is its weak spot, so stay as far away as possible and aim for the head.

Once the Banshee is gone, several Cannibals will spawn. You should have no problem dealing with them. Here you will find nothing but ammo, so keep going. Once you reach the other side of the door, a cutscene showing an Ardat-Yakshi fighting a Cannibal. Either Commander Shepard or Samara will defeat it. The Asari will introduce herself as Falere, and will ask you to save Rila, her sister. Falere will learn of the bomb in the Great Hall, and will rush there to save her sister. Samara, is present, will go after her.

When you regain control, you can examine the broken elevator on the left side of the room. You can find a computer down the right side of the left of the door that can be examined to earn experience points and learn more about the situation at the Monastery. Continue through the door to find more Enemies, specifically Cannibals and a Marauder. They won't spot you immediately, so act quickly and plan accordingly. You can find a Disciple Shotgun and a Serrice Council (Shoulders) armor through the first doorway on your right and a medical station at the far end of the same room. Go to the room on the other side of the walkway to find two computers, a weapon bench and a wall safe containing 5000 Credits.

The computers contain letters that reveal that one of the Ardat-Yakshi, Yanis, has been causing trouble at the monastery. If Morinth survived Mass Effect 2, one of the computers will instead contain a report from Superintendent Jethra to Matriarch Gallae about Morinth's attempt to contact her sisters, and expressing her concerns about security at the monastery.

Go down the stairs to face another Banshee along with a group of Cannibals. There's not much cover avaialable this time around, so be mindful of that. Once you are done with the Enemies, bypass the door. You will find an Assault Rifle Precision Scope up the stairs to the left and another Asari corpse in the middle of the room next to some crates. Activate the elevator to reach the Great Hall.

You can find medical stations at both sides, just as you exit the elevator. There is also a med-kit on the floor, in the center of the room. The bomb is on the far side of the room. You will also find Falere, begging Rila to wake up. If present, Samara will be there standing guard.

Once the bomb is activated, a cutscene triggers where Rila finally wakes up and attacks Falere, because she has been indoctrinated. Falere or Samara will knock Rila unconscious. Two Banshees and four Husks will attack while you are looking for the detonator. Try to take out the Husks first, then take out the Banshees one by one. Use your Companions to draw the attention of one Banshee while you focus on the other one.

Once the fight is over, examine the bomb, this will start another cutscene. Rila will find the detonator, and insist to be left behind to set off the bomb. Although Falere will fight this decision, Commander Shepard will drag her to the elevator. Rila will then be attacked by three Banshees, which she won't be able to hold off. A Banshee stabs Rila but she still manages to press the button on the bomb's detonator, while her sister and the rest of the crew manages to make it outside of the monastery.

If Samara is present, she will point put that the Justicar Code requires her to slay any Ardat-Yakshi living outside the monastery. To prevent this, she will commit suicide. You have the possibility of interrupt her by using a Paragon Interrupt. Falare, on the other side, declares she will stay on the monastery. Samara joins the war effort.

If Samara is not present or she managed to commit suicide, you will be given the decision to either let Falere stay on the planet where she promises that she will not be alive if the Reapers come again, or just kill her to guarantee that fact yourself.


Enemies found on Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery


Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery Rewards

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Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery Notes & Tips

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