N7: Fuel Reactors

Quest Type

Side Mission




5 Reputation
10,000 Credits
Advanced Starship FuelWar Asset

N7: Fuel Reactors is a Side Mission in Mass Effect 3. N7: Fuel Reactors is about investigating a fuel depot that has gone silent. Side Mission are secondary quests in Mass Effect 3, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


How to unlock N7: Fuel Reactors


N7: Fuel Reactors Walkthrough

It is important to note that unnlike most of the N7 Missions, in this one you will face Reaper forces instead of Cerberus.

Head to Cyone, a planet inside the Kypladon system within the Silean Nebula cluster.

Once you land, enter the facility and walk to the left area to pick up a Rosenkov Materials (Chest). Keep walking further up to pick up a dapatad containing a Medical Treatment plan, needed to complete Citadel: Chemical Treatment.

Head to the right of the facility to find Captain Lee Riley, speak with her to learn about what is going on. A container behind her will be moved to reveal a corridor. On your right you will come across a Crane Display terminal, but don't activate it yet, walk along that same corridor and salvage Spare Parts that net you 4000 Credits.

Now head to the crane display and activate it. The display shows a live video feed which is recording from behind you. You will need to use the 3 buttons to move 2 containers, which are displayed on the left of the screen, to the right. Once you begin the process, the crane is already holding the first crate.

Once you managed to clear a path, Riley will get into position, sending you to find a way to vent the area. Now follow the path all the way around your right, you will find a control console to vent the glowing gas. Once you activate it, head to the area that just opened up. There is a PDA next to the Fuel Rod Control for 3000 Credits and a medkit in the same area far back by the yellow vehicle.

Look for 6 Reaper Barrier Engines and destroy them, this will help you in the incoming battles.

Now starting from the fuel rod control, look back towards the direction of the crane controls that you had used earlier. Attached to the top of the support column there is the first barrier engine. Now look towards the direction of the area where you initially started the Mission, and you will see a second barrier engine nestled near the foot of the ramp leading back up to that initial starting area. Finally, head towards that same ramp, and you will see a third barrier engine attached to a horizontal beam directly above the top of the ramp.

You can find the next set of engines could be found by following the upper-level walkway from the control console that you used to vent the toxic gas. Eventually, you will se a barrier engine on your right atop a black cylindrical machine. Now turn your head towards, the reactor core, and between the two bright lights, you will see another barrier engine. Climb down the ladder to find, tucked away at the foot of the ramp, the final barrier engine. 

Return to the fuel rod control and unlock the fuel rods. You will no be attacked by Husks and Marauders. After you have cleared the area, you will need to seal two moderator tanks.

Near the reactor controls, you can find another datapad worth 3000 Credits. Once done, restart the reactor. You will be attacked by more Husks and Marauders. Husks will come from the ground, but Marauders will drop in from above. 

Once the area is clear, Riley will talk to your comm and say how they are not going to make it. You can choose to help or ask her to keep at it. You can choose to help or ask her to keep at it, and you will be required to send a squad member if you choose to help.

The chamber door in front of you will be opened, and you will find Marauders and a Brute, and two more barrier engines. Try to draw the Brute away from the barrier engines. Once you dispatch the Enemies, initiate the final startup on the console, go straight down to the extraction point.

Before heading to the Normandy, you can pick up any missed items and talk to Riley if she survived. Once you get back to the Normandy, the Mission is completed.


Enemies found on N7: Fuel Reactors


N7: Fuel Reactors Rewards


N7: Fuel Reactors Notes & Tips

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